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Wash and fold

Open Hours9.00 - 9.00 Mon-Sun



Wash & fold is by far our common popular/economic prospect. Your clothes are;

  1. Accumulated up,
  2. Classified,
  3. Washed,
  4. Dried,
  5. Folded,
  6. Packaged,
  7. And released back to you.
  • This service is excellent for anyone who desires:

    • A convenient,
    • Expert laundry service in Delhi at a great price.
  • Do you want to do laundry now? Cloud Dhobi is the superfluous Laundry Service provider in Delhi! Select the best Rate for wash & fold service. Never do laundry repeatedly; let Cloud Dhobi be your preferred service on your phone.

    We describe it as “wash & fold”, but it’s so satisfying. We take personal care of each of your machine-washable clothes items – Clothing, Delicates, Linens, Coatings, Comforters – you name it! Whites, Colours, and Delicates are separately washed and delivered to you Fresh, Clean, Neatly Folded and Draped on racks. Search on a quick-Dry Cleaner Near Me.

    We recognize that there are a group of several laundry services to pick from Dry Cleaning Near me. At Cloud Dhobi, we take consumer cooperation to the next level. From available text reminders, simple upfront pricing with no concealed fees, customizable and hypoallergenic cleanser options, to free pickup and performance, we acknowledge that once you give us a try you will nevermore go back to preparing laundry. Redefine laundry day with Cloud Dhobi and get back to enjoying all there is to contribute in the Cloud Dhobi.

    Wash and Fold Laundry Process

    Just bring us your daily laundry in a basket or bag. At your prime visit, we will give you a couple of laundries and DRY CLEANING SERVICES bags to use for future visits. There’s no necessity to bring along detergent or substance softener. We take care of that part for you. Most consumers prefer to use our regular detergent, which does an exceptional job. However, we do propose multiple detergents and softener choices, should you require to upgrade from the detergent that is included with the pricing. Your items get ordered by colour, machine flooded on a natural setting in cold water, and tumble dried on a medium heat setting. Your freshly washed items are delivered neatly folded for a uniform product with every load. Go and click DRY CLEANING PICKUP AND DELIVERY NEAR ME.

    Wash and Fold Etiquette

    Uncertain of the proper behaviour when sending your laundry? This assistance is perfect for items that can be machine Cleaned and Dried – Pants and Shirts, Sheets and Towels, Underwear, and Socks. There’s no necessity to separate your items, we just suggest that you check your pockets. Our acknowledged wash and fold service and Dry Cleaning Near you, specialists are experienced in controlling all clothing with consideration.

    Wash and Fold Laundry Pricing

    Make your budget felicitous. Our Wash and Fold Laundry Service are priced by the rupee. Envision filling a king-size pillowcase with your laundry.

    Wash and Fold Laundry Turnaround Time

    Our turnaround time for Wash and Fold Laundry Service is 24 hrs and is accessible at all of our stores in the city. If you prefer we reach to you, we’d love to! You’re requested to sign up for our free pickup and delivery service, should you have an open-ended, weekly requirement for service.

    Pick Up and Delivery

    To find out if our pickup DRY CLEANING SERVICE PICK UP and distribution service is obtainable in your area, please contact our designated Customer Service Spokesperson.

    Wash and Fold Services for Enterprises

    Do you have a business that could benefit from our gentle Wash and Fold service? Many local Massage Salons, Wellness Centres, Hair Galleries, Day Baths, and Medical Offices (such as imaging and sleep centres) utilize our wash and fold service. Our frank pickup and delivery service is also accessible for our professional clients.

    Contact Classic Drycleaners

    Contact Cloud Dhobi Dry Cleaning Services near you now to start experiencing the benefits of wash and fold services. Our expert dry cleaning and laundromat assistance are here for your suitability.